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Business Opportunity
RestaurantHere is an opportunity to take advantage of the emerging healthy, fast food market. If you’re looking for an exciting and ‘fresh’ idea in this dynamic and emerging sector,

Las Olas could be for you!!!

The Las Olas brand is set to become a household name and famous for its great value and healthy dishes, catering to increasingly time poor and health conscious consumers who no longer accept that a meal on the go needs to include hamburgers and fries.

Why buy into a Las Olas Franchise?

  • Californian-style Mexican food is untapped in Australia. It has proven to be a winning choice amongst consumers in California, and Las Olas is striving to provide the same level of choice in Australia.
  • Las Olas has refined the process to enable the Franchisee to reach the greatest level of success.
  • The Las Olas model supports the Franchisee through the whole process, from site location, to opening the door to a new store. From recruitment of staff, to trading full time. From marketing locally, to marketing nation wide. Las Olas will be there for you.
  • The Las Olas business opportunity is designed to be financially attractive to the Franchisee who is looking for a solid investment.
What sort of costs am I going to incur?

  • With each new store, there is a new set of costs. Some bigger stores will require larger investments, while the smaller ones will require less.
  • There is a set list of equipment, and fit out requirements which Las Olas has set down before opening a store, so we will be able to estimate an approximate range of capital to get started.
  • With the fully flushed out Business Plan Las Olas provides, obtaining a business loan should prove less difficult. Whereby all the up front capital could be minimized.
What sort of work will the Franchisee be doing?

  • All. Itís your business.
  • With support from the Las Olas Head Office, you will be in the store, making food, ordering stock, running the books, looking after your staff requirements, marketing your business locally, and then reaping the rewards of all your hard work.
  • Don't get involved in a Las Olas franchise if working hard is not your thing.
Yes, I am interested in owning a Las Olas. Now what?

  • Please fill out our Application Form and send it to us. We will contact you to arrange a time to meet and discuss the next course of action.
  • If you have other questions about franchising a Las Olas business, please feel welcome to Contact Us or you can call our Founder and Recruitment Manager, Michael Baker M: 0413 040 976.

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